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24/09/18 - Research
DITE imaging
Magnetic resonance thermometry (MRT) is the only imaging technique that non-invasively provides temperature distribution in vivo. The water proton resonance frequency shift (PRFS)-based method is the...
24/09/18 - Research
NLRP12 protein and obesity
Scientists from the UNC School of Medicine have discovered that the anti-inflammatory protein NLRP12 normally helps protect mice against obesity and insulin resistance when they are fed a high-fat...
24/09/18 - Research
Obstructive sleep apnoea
A new guideline focused on the role of weight management in treating adult Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) has been published online by the American Thoracic Society in the American Journal of...
24/09/18 - Research
Banded procedures
The number of banded bariatric procedures has risen in recent years due to its ability to prevent weight regain, compared to non-banded procedures. Bariatric News talked to Dr Mohit Bhandari -...
18/09/18 - Research
Combating obesity
Fighting the obesity epidemic in the US will require changes at both the individual and societal level, according to a review paper published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology....
25/09/18 - Research
Treating Hiatal hernias
Obesity is a known independent risk factor for the development of Hiatal hernia (HH) and symptomatic HH occurs in about 15-20% of patients who are candidates to bariatric and metabolic surgery, with...
24/09/18 - Research
Gut fast-acting synapses
Scientists believe that a surprising array of conditions, from appetite disorders and obesity to arthritis and depression, may begin in the gut. However, it has not been clear how messages in this so...
24/09/18 - Research
Urge to eat
A new study exploring the mystery of why when you are full, some people continue eating, has found that two tiny clusters of cells battle for control of feeding behaviour - and the one that drives...

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