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2019-03-21 - 2019-03-23 | GUANGZHOU, China

IFSO Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting

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Organisers: IFSO Asia Pacific Chapter | Official website

Abstracts Topics • Adjustable gastric banding • Integrated Health or Multidisciplinary care • Anesthesia and bariatric surgery • Banded procedures • Bariatric registries • Bariatric surgery in children, adolescents or elderly • Basic science and research in bariatric surgery • Emergent technology • Endoscopic and Percutaneous Interventional Procedures • Enhanced recovery in bariatric surgery • Fertility, pregnancy and bariatric surgery • Gastric bypass procedures including Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and One Anastomosis gastric bypass (OAGB)/MGB • Gastric Plication • Gastric Stimulation and Nerve Blockade • Hernia surgery in the bariatric patient • Malabsorptive bariatric operations • Medical management of bariatric patients • Metabolic Disorders, Epidemiology, Physiology • Nutrition after bariatric surgery • Plastic surgery after weight loss • Pre-operative management or post-operative care • Post-operative complications • Primary care and the bariatric surgery patient • Psychology and bariatric surgery • Revisional surgery • Robotic bariatric surgery • Management of weight regain after surgery • New (Non-standard) Surgical Techniques • Sleeve gastrectomy and sleeve plus • Surgery and strategies for low BMI or high BMI • Technology and bariatric surgery • Type 2 diabetes and metabolic surgery • Young IFSO-APC session


IFSO Asia Pacific Chapter Meeting