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2019-10-18 - 2019-10-19 | Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

UAE Obesity Conference (UOC) 2019

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On behalf of the organising committee of the UAE Obesity Conference (UOC) it is my privilege and great pleasure to invite you to the UOC "It’s time to act upon obesity"  18-19 October 2019 Abu Dhabi, UAE (

The conference is a combined effort between Healthpoint Hospital, ICLDC, SKMC, Al Ain Hospital, CCAD and Mohammed Bin Rashid University stakeholders. The scientific committee has put together two days of scientific content delivered by medical, allied health and surgical health experts.

Dr Mohammed Al Hadad

Our UOC meeting will feature invited presentations to raise the awareness about the obesity pandemic and its related diseases. We have international, regional and local faculty to bring together program that will highlight the size of the problem in our region and will focus on the pathogenies of obesity and obesity related diseases and how we can overcome this critical issue.

On the 18th October, we will start by showing the global as well as the national burden of obesity presented by Dr Ebaa Alozairi the president of the gulf chapter of the AACE from Kuwait and Dr Shammah Al Mammari (Senior Officer, CVD and Metabolic Conditions Public Health & Research Division from DOH of Abu Dhabi) and Dr Tom Loney from the public health department of MBRU and then continue to show the causes behind obesity including the role of Microbiotia and discuss some of the obesity related disorders like Cardiovascular Diseases, PCOS, Cancer, NAFLD.

On the 19th October, the programme will continue with showing the close association between T2DM and obesity and then try to see how can we manage obesity from a multidisciplinary approach as it is a chronic relapsing progressive life threatening disease.

The faculty is represented by multi-disciplinary experts including Dr Hani Sabbour, Dr Nigel Beejay, Dr Nadeem Adbullah, Dr Mourad Kirollas, Dr Mohgah El Sheikh, Dr Sara Suleiman plus many more.

The UOC main objective is not to discuss the tertiary management of obesity and its related diseases but rather discuss the preventative measures that we can take to fight it before it starts hence out title of “It’s time to act upon obesity”

Mark your calendar and come join us in Abu Dhabi. We look forward to seeing you there.

Dr Mohammed Al Hadad, MD, FACS

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UAE Obesity Conference (UOC) 2019