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Philip James

Professor Philip James is the co-founder of the International Obesity Task Force and current president of the International Association for the Surgery of Obesity.

Rudolf A Weiner

We talk to Professor Rudolf A Weiner, President of the forthcoming XVI IFSO World Congress in Hamburg, Germany, who discusses his achievements, the challenges facing bariatric and metabolic surgery and the meeting in Hamburg...

Post-surgery treatment

The biokinetic exercise class we offer post-bariatric patients at the Charing Cross Hospital Sports Club Swimming Pool has a few names. Carel LeRoux (Imperial NHS) calls it an exercise clinic in order to emphasize the clinical aspect.

I like to call it the Aqua Club, in order to emphasize the community and play up the unique benefits of the belonging to a club to a patient group who may previously have only perceived themselves as belonging to the “fat club”.

Bariatric App

There are over 300,000 different applications (‘apps’) available to download from iTunes and these apps allow users to perform a whole range of activities from playing games to ordering shopping. There is even an app for patients who have had bariatric surgery or are considering it. Called ‘BariMate’, it is one of the first weight management apps written specifically for bariatric surgery patients. BariMate designer, Dr Leon Cohen, Mercy Bariatrics, Perth, Australia, talks about the benefits of the application.

Dietary Column

In this feature, I speak with Anne Wheeler, Lead Specialist Bariatric Dietician with Richard Welbourn's team at South West Bariatric (SWB) Group, Taunton, UK, about how the practice has grown and developed since it was launched six years ago. She discovers how the team has managed to move to a nurse and dietician led follow-up and why this method of practice is proving better for them and their patients.