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22/01/20 - Research
FINDRISC T2DM prediction tool
The Finnish Diabetes Risk Score (FINDRISC) questionnaire, used extensively to predict a person's degree of risk for getting type 2 diabetes, does not adequately identify the most vulnerable...
20/01/20 - Research
GI devices and endoscopy
Researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have potentially found a way to eliminate some of the endoscopic surgeries needed to remove gastrointestinal (GI) medical devices, such as...
22/01/20 - Research
The Elipse Balloon
First launched in 2015, over 20,000 Elipse Balloon has now been distributed in +30 countries. The Elipse Balloon, a new category weight loss product, is proven to be an effective, non-surgical weight...
20/01/20 - Research
Soybean oil
A study by researchers at UC Riverside shows that soybean oil not only leads to obesity and diabetes, but could also affect neurological conditions like autism, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety and...
22/01/20 - Research
Obesity a communicable disease?
Non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and lung disease are the most common causes of death, accounting for 70 percent of deaths worldwide, and are considered ‘non-communicable’...
22/01/20 - Research
Sunlight and metabolic health
Exposure to light regulates how two kinds of fat cells work together to produce the raw materials that all other cells use for energy and disruptions to this fundamental process appear to have a...
22/01/20 - Research
Adolescent mental health
A long-term study of adolescent mental health following bariatric surgery suggests that although the surgery can improve many aspects of health, alleviation of mental health problems should not be...
22/01/20 - Research
Abdominal obesity and myocardial infarction
Patients who have suffered a myocardial infarction and who carry excess abdominal fat are at increased risk of another heart attack, according to a study led by researchers from the Karolinska...

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