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29/04/19 - Research
European Congress on Obesity 2019
Obesity is linked with an increased risk of developing anxiety and depression in children and adolescents, independent of traditional risk factors such as parental psychiatric illness and...
29/04/19 - Research
European Congress on Obesity 2019
The disconnect between perceptions of health care providers (HCPs) and people with obesity (PwO) is revealed in an international study (the ACTION-IO study) presented at this year's European Congress...
29/04/19 - Research
European Congress on Obesity 2019
Women who have undergone bariatric surgery appear to be at higher risk of developing complications during pregnancy, and their babies seem more likely to be born prematurely, small for gestational...
29/04/19 - Community
Mal Fobi’s Corner
Vertical resection of the stomach to reduce the gastric reservoir in the biliopancreatic diversion operation (BPD) was introduced by Hess in order to decrease the incidence of marginal ulcers in that...
29/04/19 - Research
European Congress on Obesity 2019
New research presented at this year's European Congress on Obesity (ECO) in Glasgow, Scotland, has revealed that a quarter of patients have never had their BMI recorded by their GP. The study was...
15/10/19 - Research
Cancer and weight risk
The risk of cancer increases considerably if a person gains weight before the age of 40 with the risk of endometrial cancer increasing by 70 percent, according to an international study, headed by...
14/10/19 - Research
A newly-tested medical device, called Sleeveballoon, mimics the effects of traditional bariatric surgery in rodents and produces impressive results on body weight, fatty liver and diabetes control,...
14/10/19 - Event
OAGB-MGB Masterclass
Despite the growing trend in the utilization of the One anastomosis gastric bypass /Mini gastric bypass (OAGB/MGB), it is interesting to observe that many bariatric surgeons still have a...

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