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24/06/19 - Research
Leptin gene
Researchers at Texas Biomedical Research Institute, San Antonio, TX, have discovered a new mutation in the gene that regulates the key hormone suppressing hunger called leptin. This new mutation...
24/06/19 - Research
Leptin pathway
A research group from the Medical University of Vienna have reported that leptin stimulates the liver to export lipids and reduce the fat production in the liver, due to the activation of neurons in...
24/06/19 - Research
Brain energy expenditure and obesity
A new paper has proposed that variation in the energy needs of brain development across children in terms of the timing, intensity and duration of energy use could influence patterns of energy...
19/06/19 - Research
Yale researchers have offered insight into leptin - a hormone that plays a key role in appetite, overeating and obesity - heir findings advance knowledge about leptin and weight gain, and also...
18/06/19 - Research
UAE Obesity Conference
On behalf of the organising committee of the UAE Obesity Conference (UOC) it is my privilege and great pleasure to invite you to the UOC "It’s time to act upon obesity"  18-19 October 2019 Abu Dhabi...
24/06/19 - Research
ASMBS meeting
Patients with severe obesity who undergo bariatric surgery cut their spending on diabetes medications by nearly 65 percent and spending on high blood pressure medications by more than a third three...
24/06/19 - Research
ASMBS meeting
Metabolic or bariatric surgery was significantly more effective than medical management in treating type 2 diabetes in patients with milder forms of obesity, according to new research presented at an...
24/06/19 - Research
Guidance for obesity care
Advocates for obesity prevention and treatment have designed two new resources for medical educators, healthcare providers and community programmes that will enhance the level of care for patients,...

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