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17/10/18 - Research
Post-operative pain
While adults who have obesity often report more pain after surgery, the same does not appear to be true for children with obesity, according to the largest study of its kind, presented at the...
17/10/18 - Research
Post-op weight regain
Measuring the percentage of weight regained following the maximum amount of weight lost after bariatric surgery can help predict a patient's risk of several serious health problems, according to a...
17/10/18 - Research
Surgery and macrovascular disease
People with T2DM and severe obesity who had bariatric surgery were 40 percent less likely to have a heart attack or stroke within five years than those who had usual medical care for their diabetes,...
16/10/18 - Industry
Product launch
Benmor Medical, leading independent bariatric equipment specialists and pioneers of bariatric care in the UK, has the Aurum+ Bariatric Bed incorporating innovative stowable safety rails and the...
16/10/18 - Research
Alcohol abuse in RYGB patients
People who undergo Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery are at increased risk for alcohol-related problems and common screening tools that help physicians identify patients at high risk for...
19/10/18 - Research
US Latino men and obesity
Moving to the US could be taking a toll on the health of Latino men as a new study from Florida State University reported Latino men who are born or live in the US for more than five years are more...
18/10/18 - Research
3D imaging tracks Leptin
Many overweight people lack the feeling of being full and it was believed that this was due to the disrupted transport of the satiety hormone leptin to the brain. However, a group of scientists from...
17/10/18 - Research
Online obesity
Young children who spent more than half an hour a day online were almost twice as likely to pester their parents for junk food, according to a report published by researchers from the University of...

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