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European endoscopic suturing registry

Apollo establishes European endoscopic suturing registry

OverStitch endoscopic suturing system
The data collected in the registry will support informed decision making throughout Europe on the value of flexible endoscopic suturing procedures to treat obesity

Apollo Endosurgery has announced the establishment of a multi-centre, longitudinal, data repository for Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty (ESG) and gastrojejunal anastomotic outlet revision procedures. These endoscopic, trans-oral procedures allow physicians to place sutures in the upper gastrointestinal tract using a flexible endoscope to reduce stomach volume or revise previous bariatric surgery for patients. The prospective registry will collect outcomes related to the safety and effectiveness of procedures performed with Apollo’s OverStitch Endoscopic Suturing System.

The OverStitch endoscopic suturing system enables advanced endoscopic surgery by allowing physicians to place full-thickness sutures from a flexible endoscope. This technology enables a secure approximation of tissue endoscopically and a wide range of less invasive solutions for physicians who treat defects in both the upper and lower GI tract of their patients. Additionally, physicians are leveraging endoscopic suturing to perform a variety of advanced bariatric procedures.

The study will include eight advanced endo-bariatric centres across Europe with Professor Gontrand Lopez-Nava, Director of the Bariatric Endoscopy Unit Department of University Hospital HM Sanchinarro in Madrid, Spain, serving as Principal Investigator.

“The European Bariatric Registry for endoscopic suturing is a great opportunity to create a repository of data on endo-bariatric primary and revision procedures coming from the most important centers in the region,” said Professor Gontrand Lopez-Nava. “Bariatric endoscopy will play a decisive role in the treatment of obesity for patients looking for non-invasive procedures. Full-thickness endoscopic suturing will drive this paradigm shift.”

The data collected in the registry will support informed decision making throughout Europe on the value of flexible endoscopic suturing procedures to treat obesity. The data on patient outcomes will also produce both country-specific and pan-European data for shared decision making between patients and physicians about their treatment options.

“There were hundreds of bariatric procedures performed in Europe in the first quarter using OverStitch to help patients who are in need of medically-relevant weight loss,” said Todd Newton, CEO of Apollo. “The European Bariatric Registry will be an important future source of highly credible, real-world clinical data to assist European health systems and payors to determine their coverage policies for this emerging category of procedures.”

The registry will start collecting data immediately.

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