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IFSO-EC 2019 preview

A look forward to IFSO-European Chapter 2019 Symposium

The meeting will focus on emerging technologies and controversies

This year’s European Chapter of the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity and Metabolic Disorders (IFSO-EC) will be hosted in Lyon, France. Bariatric News spoke with Dr Jérôme Dargent, IFSO-EC 2019 Symposium President, who said the meeting would focus on emerging technologies and controversies, and discuss some of the hottest topics in bariatric surgery.

Why is there an IFSO-EC symposium a few months before the Madrid IFSO World-meeting?

Of course, Madrid will be a fantastic event! Yet the purpose of such ‘huge’ gathering is fundamentally different from what we may achieve in a smaller European symposium. When everybody has to be there, then there exists little space for in-depth and thorough discussions. Multiple priorities come up - making headlines, taking a stand, making history: the show must go on! On the other hand, more focused meetings, such as the one in Lyon, possesses an attraction that will never fail, a casual atmosphere and a different spirit, more friendly and focused.

Jérôme Dargent

What can we look forward to in Lyon, what will be aims on the meeting?

This year, the NON INVA meeting has been replaced by the IFSO-EC Symposium, and we all assume it is for the best. Although, this is both a tremendous opportunity and challenge for us. We will certainly keep the NON INVA spirit, i.e. new technologies in general but pertaining to obesity one way or another, and more specifically minimising surgical access and advanced endoscopic bariatric techniques (EBTs). Although, 2017 and 2018 were relatively disappointing in terms of emerging technologies and novel techniques. At one point, some had the feeling that new technologies would go wild and uncontrolled, but some of the ‘experiments’ have not turned out successful. In addition, new and updated guidelines have been published and been proven worthwhile in assessing and evaluating these newer technologies and novel techniques.

What other issues or topics will be under discussion?

Our scientific committee, run by Rachel Batterham and Ralph Peterli, is working on a vibrant programme including ‘controversies’ subjects like revisional procedures for weight regain and bariatric/metabolic surgery in patients with low BMI and issue around optimising outcome after bariatric/metabolic surgery. It is planned to deal with some of the hottest topics in bariatric surgery in an Oxford style discussion manner. It is our intension to ‘reshuffle the cards’ and break ground, a few of issues under discussion will include:

  • Current trends for ways to perform a bypass surgery: With one or two anastomosis? What limb lengths? Preserving the pylorus or not?
  • Omega bypass: a war of religion?
  • Long-terms aftermaths of sleeve gastrectomy: does the lower oesophagus represent a real danger?
  • Should we take more time to evaluate new techniques?
  • A contrario, are we burying too soon techniques like gastric banding?
  • Is it premature to press on with endoscopic therapies?
  • How should we coordinate national registries, and turn an international bariatric registry into a strong asset?
  • Metabolic surgery: what is the point to separate it from any other bariatric surgery?
  • Do we even have the resources for a true metabolic surgery strategy on a worldwide scale?
  • Robotics in bariatrics: Is it worth the money? Does coupling it with artificial intelligence make sense?

…and of course, Lyon is such a wonderful place to have a conference?

The fact that it takes place in Lyon will nonetheless bring a cozy atmosphere - after all the restaurants are amazing in this city, which is the world capital of gastronomy. So, my advice to you, is go on a strict diet two weeks before the meeting...and start again immediately after, you will not be disappointed! Lyon is a city of cultural and historical significance, an influence that can be witnessed in the Roman and the Renaissance parts of the city, it truly is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Registration for IFSO-EC is now open!

To register for early bird discount - by Sunday 10 February 2018 - please click here

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