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LNC Therapeutics reveals platform focused gut microbiome activities

LNC Therapeutics’ goal is to extend the applications of its drug candidates based on Christensenella to new indications with substantial unmet medical needs

LNC Therapeutics, a French biotech company specialising in gut microbiome-based drug research and development, has announced the deployment of a research platform focused exclusively on its gut microbiome activities and more precisely on analysis of the therapeutic properties of christensenella.

This proprietary platform aims to hone LNC Therapeutics’ expertise by deepening its knowledge of the mechanisms of action and interactions between christensenella bacteria and the host. LNC Therapeutics intends to discover new therapeutic applications and to extend its product pipeline.

The new unit reinforces LNC Therapeutics’ regulatory affairs and clinical teams and is formed of top-level researchers specialised in microbiology, cellular biology and molecular biology. It is implanted at the Plateforme Technologique d’Innovation Biomédicale (PTIB) in Bordeaux. The PTIB is linked to the University of Bordeaux and the Xavier Arnozan hospital. It aims to enhance and capitalize on biotechnology- and health-related research.

“We are delighted to be setting up our own research activities and thereby strengthening LNC Therapeutics’ scientific expertise in gut microbiome and in particular christensenella bacteria”, commented Sandrine Claus, LNC Therapeutics’ Chief Scientific Officer. “Thanks to this new unit, LNC Therapeutics is now in a position to leverage its unique expertise to discover new therapeutic applications of this group of bacteria.”

Located at the heart of the university hospital campus, LNC Therapeutics’ platform enables the company to build special ties to a diverse range of academic and clinical teams, forge close patient relationships and gain access to cutting-edge research technologies.

“With the deployment of this new research platform, LNC Therapeutics is now perfectly equipped to pursue its strategy to become a leading player in gut microbiome-based therapies”, added Georges Rawadi, Chief Executive Officer of LNC Therapeutics. “We truly believe that christensenella bacteria hold great therapeutic potential and that they play an essential role in the balance of the gut microbiome. We look forward to accelerating our research in this area to develop new applications to human health. To this end, our aim is to launch solutions as quickly as possible for patients suffering with serious illnesses for which there are no treatments available today.”

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