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Spider Surgical System makes Indian debut

Spider Surgical System
First cases with the Spider platform in Asia-Pacific region

TransEnterix single-incision Spider Surgical System has been used in the Asian-Pacific Region for the first time.

Dr Michel Gagner, who was attending the symposium and surgical workshop at the Max Institute of Minimal Access, Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery at Max Super Specialty Hospital in New Delhi, performed four sleeve gastrectomies using the system.

He explained that the Spider platform allows surgeons to exercise advanced minimally invasive techniques while preserving the triangulation capacity they expect during laparoscopic procedures.

The Spider System allows surgeons to introduce a camera and multiple instruments into the patient’s abdomen by way of a single incision made in the naval. With a circumference of approximately 18 mm, the company claims the system delivers the smallest single-site incision in the market.

Using the system, a surgeon makes one small incision and inserts the platform and expands it like an umbrella. Expansion offers true-left and true-right coordination between the video camera monitor and the surgeon’s hands, and allows the surgeon to approach the operating site at the necessary angles.

Through the platform’s two rigid ports, the surgeon inserts a camera and a wide variety of off-the-shelf laparoscopic tools. Through its two flexible ports, the surgeon inserts TransEnterix’s 360-degree flexible instruments.

“The flexible instruments allow a surgeon to achieve angles and visualize critical anatomy without requiring as many incisions as traditional laparoscopy,” said the symposium’s director, Dr Pradeep Chowbey. “The result may be fewer incisions and a fast recovery for the patient, while providing surgeons with enhanced capabilities.”

The Indian procedures come a month after the system was used for the first time in the UK. The procedure was performed by Gagner at Homerton University Hospital, in London.

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