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16/08/17 - Research
Blood sugars
A person's fasting glucose levels may be useful in identifying the best type of diet for weight loss, according to researchers at the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA)...
16/08/17 - Research
Food preservatives and obesity
Investigators from Cedars-Sinai have developed a novel platform and protocol for testing the effects of endocrine disruptors on humans so show how they contribute to the obesity epidemic. The...
08/08/17 - Research
Lifestyle-modification programmes
Most studies showed no significant reduction in body weight, and the meta-analysis confirmed that these lifestyle-modification programs were no more effective than as-usual treatments, according to a...
04/08/17 - Research
Surgery cost-effective
Bariatric surgery is cost-effective at 10 years and may lead to significant cost-savings to health care system over the patient’s lifetime, according to researchers from the University Medical Center...
04/08/17 - Research
Gene therapy
A research team based at the University of Chicago has demonstrated how a novel approach with skin transplantation could enable a wide range of gene-based therapies to type-2 diabetes and obesity....
17/08/17 - Research
Adhesive surgical glue
A non-toxic glue modelled after adhesive proteins produced by mussels and other creatures has been found to out-perform commercially available products, pointing toward potential surgical glues to...
17/08/17 - Research
Laparoscopic training videos
Researchers at MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital have developed a new system that can efficiently search through hundreds of hours of laparoscopic surgery videos for events and visual features...
16/08/17 - Research
Obese cardiac surgery
After cardiac surgery, obese patients tend to require additional intensive care unit (ICU) services and longer recovery times when compared to non-obese patients. This results in more expensive, more...

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