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12/12/18 - Research
Self-harm and suicidal ideation
Bariatric surgery candidates should be screened for their potential to self-harm and/or commit suicide before surgery and throughout long-term post-operative care, according to researchers from the...
10/12/18 - Research
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers have improved a standard bariatric surgery clinical scoring system (DiaRem) to extend the prediction time for diabetic remission following...
10/12/18 - Research
Very low-calorie diets
Hundreds of thousands of people in the England will receive NHS help to battle obesity and type 2 diabetes in a programme that will not only improve the health of patients but also save the NHS money...
06/12/18 - Research
BePatient trial and eHealth
Researchers from the Department of Surgery, Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, are carrying out the BePatient trial to determine whether patients benefit from different degrees of...
06/12/18 - Research
Ten-year sleeve gastrectomy outcomes
Sleeve gastrectomy (SG) results sustained weight loss (WL) and co-morbidity resolution up to ten years post-operatively and although a notable portion of patients experience weight regain (WR), mean...
13/12/18 - Research
Tranexamic acid and post-op bleeding
Administering tranexamic acid (TA) appears to be safe in reducing the reoperation rate for bleeding after bariatric surgery, according to researchers from Maasstad Hospital, The Netherlands. They...
13/12/18 - Research
Psychosocial impact of bariatric surgery
Patients considering bariatric surgery may benefit from anticipatory guidance regarding possible complex changes in self-perception and inter-personal relationships following surgery, according to a...
13/12/18 - Research
Excess body weight and cancer
Policies, economic systems, and marketing practices that promote the consumption of energy-dense, nutrient-poor food, changing behavioural patterns that couple high total energy intake with...

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