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04/12/17 - Research
DNA and diet
Research in animal models with different genetics shows that one diet really does not fit all, and what works for some may not be best for others, according to researchers from Texas A&M College...
05/12/17 - Research
US obesity rates
If current trends in child obesity continue, more than 57% of today's children in the US will have obesity at age 35, according to a study from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. The study also...
04/12/17 - Research
A new, long-term diet study – using MRI imaging technology to plot the diverse changes in an array of body organ fat storage pools during 18 months of Mediterranean/low-carb (MED/LC) and low-fat...
01/12/17 - Research
Post-op opioid use
Rising rates of opioid prescriptions have been linked to the opioid epidemic, and a significant number of opioid deaths have been linked to prescriptions written by surgeons. However, a study has...
01/12/17 - Research
BMI, diabetes and cancer
Diabetes and high BMI (>25) were the cause of 5.6% of new cancer cases worldwide in 2012 - equivalent to 792,600 cases, according to the first study to quantify the proportion of cancers...
08/12/17 - Research
Obesity paradox
A study by NYU College of Global Public Health and the University of Michigan has reported that the so-called ‘obesity paradox’ is not present among people with new cases of cardiovascular disease (...
07/12/17 - Research
DiRECT trial
Almost half of the patients with Type 2 diabetes supported by their GPs on a weight loss programme were able to reverse their diabetes in a year, according to the results of the DiRECT (Diabetes...
05/12/17 - Research
Gut microbial
Two studies - one in mice and the other in human subjects – have report the first definitive evidence that exercise alone can change the composition of microbes in the gut. The studies were designed...

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