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10/04/19 - Research
Gastric bypass vs sleeve gastrectomy
One-year outcomes from over 47,000 Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) and sleeve gastrectomy procedures has reported that RYGB resulted in a higher rate of patients with total weight loss (TWL) >20...
05/04/19 - Research
New diabetes treatment
Researchers from Harvard Medical School have made key new insights into the molecular behaviour of insulin via an unexpected mechanism by which insulin triggers changes to the expression of thousands...
09/04/19 - Research
Weight regain
In the years following bariatric surgery, a person's overall eating behaviours and the amount of time spent watching television, playing video games and using a computer for recreation are a better...
04/04/19 - Research
Gelesis hydrogel
Gelesis has announced clinical data from its pivotal Gelesis Loss of Weight (GLOW) study suggesting that elevated fasting plasma glucose could be a useful and unique predictor to identify individuals...
04/04/19 - Research
GERD treatments and costs
Treatment with the LINX Reflux Management System reduced medical costs more than laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication (LNF), a more invasive anti-reflux surgery, and more than offsets the slightly...
18/04/19 - Research
Rheumatic disorders and surgery
A literature review by researchers looking at the complex relationship between obesity, various rheumatic diseases and bariatric surgery has underscored the need to establish long-term prospective...
16/04/19 - Research
Cognitive functioning and surgery
Young people with cognitive impairments and developmental disabilities (CI/DD), including Down syndrome, have similar weight-loss trajectories to those with typical cognitive function after bariatric...
12/04/19 - Research
1st Kuwait National Bariatric Registry Report
The State of Kuwait Ministry of Health and Dendrite Clinical Systems, in conjunction with Bader Sultan & Brothers Company, are delighted to announce the publication of the First Kuwait National...

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