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Product launch

Ethicon launches Harmonic ACE +7 shears

Harmonic precision now combined with larger vessel sealing
First purely ultrasonic device with a 7mm vessel sealing indication

Ethicon Endo-Surgery has launched the Harmonic ACE+7 Shears with Advanced Hemostasis (Harmonic ACE+7), the first purely ultrasonic device with a 7mm sealing indication. The company stated that the Harmonic ACE+7 combines the precision and multi-functionality expected of Harmonic with reliable large vessel sealing.  Ethicon believes that this combination does not exist in any other product, representing a true breakthrough in untrasonic energy technology.

The company claims that the Harmonic ACE+7 is setting a new standard in ultrasonic energy by demonstrating larger vessel sealing strength using the Advanced Hemostasis mode. Benchtop testing shows:

  • Greater 5 to 7mm vessel-sealing reliability than LigaSure devices
  • 140% higher median burst pressure vs LigaSure 5mm Blunt Tip, when sealing 5 to 7 mm vessels in the Advanced Hemostasis mode
  • 112% higher median burst pressure vs LigaSure Advance, when sealing 5 to 7mm vessels in the Advanced Hemostasis mode

“The addition of the 7mm vessel sealing capability to the Harmonic ACE+ 7 makes it an optimal tool for laparoscopic colon surgery. It provides the same precise dissection that I’ve become accustomed to from the Harmonic ACE and now with larger vessel sealing capability,” said Dr Bartley Pickron, Colon and Rectal Surgeon, Colorectal Surgical Associates, Houston, Texas. “For many years, surgeons have had to choose between precision and sealing strength. With the Harmonic ACE+7, we will no longer need to trade off precision and multi-functionality for sealing strength. Furthermore, the avoidance of using multiple instruments should result in a cost savings for the overall procedure.”

Harmonic ACE+7 is designed for use in numerous procedures and specialties including general, colorectal, bariatric, gynaecology, thoracic, and urology, enhancing surgeons’ ability to handle multiple jobs with superior precision. The new Harmonic ACE+ 7 is best suited for cases which require dissection, mobilisation and large vessel sealing, the company said.

“The Harmonic ACE+7 represents a breakthrough in ultrasonic technology that now enhances surgeon choice.  Surgeons no longer need to trade off precision and multi-functionality for sealing strength.  It may in some cases also reduce the need for additional devices, such as clips, improving procedure efficiency.” said Tom O’Brien, Ethicon Vice President, Energy Global Strategic Marketing.  “Our goal is to continue bringing to market a strong mix of both meaningful innovation, like Harmonic ACE+7, and value solutions (like our new Performance Certified Harmonic Program) that we believe will change the conversation in clinical practice from an innovation or value conversation to an innovation and value conversation which could ultimately lead to improved outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.”

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