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AEON Endostapler can achieve optimal LSG outcomes

Lexington Medical has announced the initial outcomes from 9,000 bariatric procedures using the AEON Endostapler, which revealed how surgeons can achieve optimal outcomes. Data from the 9,000 procedures were collected in 25 countries from 2018-20211 and revealed that over 70% of the procedures performed were laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomies (LSG). The procedural data showed that 95% of LSG were performed with dual firing gear designed for firing in thick gastric tissue. The outcomes revealed a 24% increase in drier staple lines when precompression technique utilised multi-speed firing gear and precise articulation, a drier staple line has been shown to reduce the need for staple line intervention/manipulation.

The AEON Endostapler is designed to deliver better staple formation and to uniquely addresses the challenges of variable tissue types in critical procedures. The device has been adopted by key global opinion leaders as their preferred stapler for its excellent performance, surgical precision and patented technologies including the advanced reload architecture, multi-speed firing gear and smooth articulation.

In addition, recent findings from a randomised clinical trial demonstrated that AEON produces a significantly drier staple line outperforming another surgical stapling device and is associated with a 20 percent reduction in interventional bleeding control2. In this peer-reviewed, blinded study the investigators also reported consistent satisfaction with AEON staple lines.

"In over 700 bariatric cases, we have seen excellent staple formation with the AEON endostapler. The unique dual firing gear allows for slow, controlled firing resulting in the best haemostasis I’ve seen and a low risk for post-operative complications for our patients,” said Dr Michel Gagner, Clinical Professor of Surgery at Hospital du Sacre Coeur, Montreal, Canada. “Furthermore, I think the future is bright for Lexington Medical and it makes a lot of sense for surgeons to partner with them as they deliver top service, consistently respond to surgeon feedback and offer high quality products at a competitive price."

In collaboration with the Advances In Surgery Channel and Lexington Medical, Dr Gagner will perform a live ‘Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy with Hiatal Hernia Repair’ using the AEON Endostapler on Wednesday 23rd June. Please click here to register for this event.


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