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Allurion launches swallowable gastric balloon capsule in India

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Allurion has launched its swallowable gastric balloon capsule, the world’s first and only swallowable gastric balloon for weight loss, in India. The company believes it is the only medical weight-loss device fully approved by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO).

The Allurion Swallowable Capsule

Allurion has now launched a complete weight loss programme that includes: the Allurion Swallowable Capsule, the Allurion Virtual Care Suite, a remote patient monitoring solution powered by the Allurion Iris AI platform that includes the Allurion Mobile App, Connected Scale and Health Tracker.

According to the company, unlike other weight loss balloons on the market the balloon is designed to be placed and removed without surgery, endoscopy or anaesthesia. It is swallowed in a capsule during an outpatient office visit and is designed to remain in the stomach for approximately four months, after which it opens and passes naturally from the body.

The Virtual Care Suite includes tools for the patient and the provider to have a 360-degree weight loss experience designed to deliver lifelong results. The patient receives the Allurion Health Tracker, Connected Scale and App to track, monitor and support their progress while providing real-time data to their healthcare team. Allurion Insights seamlessly integrates this data with the provider and facilitates end-to-end patient management by providing real-time patient analytics and telehealth features.

Rates of obesity in India has increased from 21 percent to 24 percent among women and 19 percent to 23 percent among men between 2016 and 2021, according to the recent National Family Health Survey (2019-21).

The company claims that over 100,000 patients in more than 50 countries have been treated with the Allurion Swallowable Capsule and the programme can benefit patients in weight loss, weight maintenance, and type 2 diabetes remission. The Allurion Program is suited for people who are unable to achieve their weight-loss goals by dieting alone or for those who do not want to or cannot, undergo invasive surgery or endoscopy.


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