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Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite all WORLD IFSO attendees at our BARIAlink ACADEMY session on Friday 1st of September from 9.00 – 10.30, at Mostra d’Oltremare – Pavillion 6 – room Positano.

BARIAlink has grown rapidly to a highly respected worldwide web-platform where difficult and challenging bariatric and metabolic surgery cases are shared and discussed with internationally rewarded specialists in the field.

The final goal is to improve the surgical excellence and by this the patient outcome. BARIAlink consists of two actively interconnected pillars: an ACADEMY which represents a monthly organized virtual classroom where 6 to 8 challenging pre-, per- or postoperative cases are thoroughly discussed - diagnostically and therapeutically - by around 25 experts. The screencasts of all Academy sessions with fully documented case studies are stored in a powerful website, a LIBRARY which provides instant access to the combined knowledge of the BARIAlink ecosystem. The actual membership consists of more than 2300 bariatric and metabolic surgeons worldwide and more than 400 patient cases are discussed and stored in the Library. We are pleased to have received for the 3rd time at World IFSO the invitation to present a BARIAlink session. The following five cases will be discussed:

  • Accidentally discovered fundal mass during laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy - Dr Mohamed Diaa Sarhan from ABC Hospital Cairo, Egypt

  • Revision for Relapse of Diabetes after OAGB - Dr Shashank Shah from Laparo Obeso Centre, India

  • Intraoperative complication of RYGB - Dr Piotr Mysliwiec from Medical University of Bialystok, Poland

  • Gastro-colic fistula after Sleeve Gastrectomy and OAGB - Dr Bruno Dillemans from AZ Sint-Jan Brugge, Belgium

  • Hypoglycemia, hyperinsulinism and dumping syndrome after bariatric surgery - Dr Antonio Torres from Complutense University Madrid, Spain

Hope to welcome you all. Dr Bruno Dillemans Founder BARIALink


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