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Download Bariatric News issue 46

Issue 46 of Bariatric News is now available to read and/or download here. In this issue, we report on how telemedicine can relieve barriers for access to obesity care and on the latest advances in Remote Patient Management and how they are helping bariatric departments track and support patients in the long term.

We also have an exclusive interview with Mr Vinod Menon, president of the British Obesity & Metabolic Surgery Society (BOMSS), in which he discusses the impact of COVID and fostering greater relationships with other specialties, GPs and patients groups.

The newspaper features summaries of all the latest research papers including RYBG vs LSG, outcomes from the SPLENDOR and BARI-LIFESTYLE trials, banded bypass results and more.

We highlight two new technologies - a team from Singapore have developed a gel and infrared light to tackle obesity, and a new intragastric satiety-inducing device, a novel endoscopic bariatric therapy.

As ever, this issue also includes meeting reports, product and industry news, information on future events and more.

Please click on the file below to to read download issue 46.

Bariatric News 46_low_res
Download PDF • 6.73MB

Bariatric News newspaper reports on research, technology, events and policy in the bariatric specialty, the latest clinical studies, policy changes and product news, the latest meetings and events, interviews prominent bariatric experts, and host debates between specialists on controversial topics.


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