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Download Bariatric News issue 48

Issue 48 of Bariatric News is now available to read and/or download here. In this issue, we report on the new IFSO and ASMBS bariatric surgery guidelines, the impact of bariatric surgery

on risk of epilepsy, the outcomes from adolescent bariatric surgery, post-RYGB eating-related problems in adolescents and differences in outcomes between short and long-length BPL.

We also report on the MDT's and patient's experience of utilising Medtronic's Get Ready digital solution, the management early postoperative bleeding after RYGB, the status of obesity and bariatric surgery in the United Arab Emirates, LuCI agent used for the treatment of obesity-associated metabolic disorders and whether LAGB plays a role in creating symptomatic hiatal hernias.

The is also a summary of the ASMBS's updated LAGB management consensus statement, how post-surgical weight loss improves brain health, could a 'personal fat threshold’ explain the development and remission of T2DM, and researchers identify two distinct types of obesity with

physiological and molecular differences.

Plus the usually summary of clinical papers, product and industry news, information on future events and more.

Please click on the file below to read or download issue 48.

Download PDF • 5.78MB


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