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Enara accelerates weight loss telehealth programme to combat COVID-19

By expanding its programme, the company expects to dramatically improve lives while also decreasing the devastating stigma attached to obesity today.

Enara Health, a developer of a technology-powered personalised weight loss programme, is expanding telehealth availability of its programme to all residents in California, Texas and Illinois. This rollout represents an earlier-than-planned first stage of a US rollout of the Enara Health platform, a clinical weight loss programme that takes a multi-faceted approach to obesity treatment.

The intent of this accelerated telehealth rollout is to give more Americans access to proven, physician-guided weight loss support during the COVID-19 pandemic as a key means of boosting patients’ health and immune systems. Via Enara Health’s unique telehealth interface, programme participants will be able to connect with a team of doctors, dietitians and exercise specialists from their mobile phones and computers.

“Numerous studies have shown that nutrition, activity and stress management play a vital role in our immune defence against respiratory viruses, and our goal is to help Americans achieve optimal health to fight the virus,” said Dr Rami Bailony, Co-Founder and CEO of Enara Health.

“Rather than viewing healthy eating, exercise and stress relief as something to be dealt with after this acute crisis is over, we need to reframe these practices as important prevention strategies.”

Unlike most other weight loss programmes that focus solely on diet or lifestyle modification, the Enara Health platform combines physician interactions, lifestyle evaluations, diet consultations and medication through a unique digital health platform. This precision medicine approach is designed to maximize results through personalised, data-driven recommendations.

Participants in the Enara Health precision weight loss programme lose an average of 12.40% of their weight at six months and 13.99% at 18 months, a significant improvement over other digital health programs and on par with results seen in bariatric surgery patients, the company stated.

The telehealth rollout of the Enara Health program beyond its first clinic in San Mateo, CA, is possible due to newly forged relationships with specialised partner clinics in Texas (WellHealth locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area) and Illinois (the Center for Adult and Pediatric Wellness in Orland Park). Once the COVID-19 pandemic recedes, local patients will also gain access to in-office physician consultations through these clinics.

“We have spent the past four years establishing, evaluating and fine-tuning Enara Health’s clinical approach to weight loss at our clinic in San Mateo,” said Bailony.

“The results we’re now achieving have the potential to redefine obesity treatment as we know it. By expanding our programme through progressive, like-minded clinics around the country, particularly in this time of crisis, we expect to dramatically improve lives while also decreasing the devastating stigma attached to obesity today.”

Further information

To learn more about the programme, visit the Enura Health website.


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