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Professor Rachel Batterham awarded OBE in Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list

Professor Rachel Batterham from UCLH, London, UK, a world leading expert on obesity whose work has revolutionised our understanding of the causes of obesity leading to new treatments, has been awarded OBE in Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list.

Professor Rachel Batterham (Credit: UCLH)

Professor Batterham is known as an articulate global ambassador for people affected by obesity, committed to changing the stigmatising narrative that surrounds obesity, her public policy work continues to improve the lives of millions of people while giving a voice to people living with obesity.

“I am incredibly humbled, privileged and honoured to receive this award. Developing and implementing new treatments for obesity is a team effort and I would like to pay tribute to all the brilliant scientists and clinicians, and most of all the inspirational people living with obesity that I’ve worked with over the years,” said Professor Batterham. “There is still much to be done and I remain totally committed to changing the stigmatising narrative that surrounds obesity to one that reflects current scientific and medical knowledge and ensuring equitable access to evidence-based treatments for obesity.”

In addition, she has established weight management services, led the development of national and international obesity treatment guidelines, educated healthcare professionals, policy makers and the public and established a nationwide charity for people living with obesity.

“We are really proud of Rachel and what she has achieved. So many people have benefitted from her work, whether that is through her research or her commitment to remove the stigma around obesity globally,” said Geoff Bellingan, medical director, surgery and cancer, UCLH. “This is an exceptionally well deserved honour and I am sure all of UCLH will join me in congratulating her.”


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