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New publication

Book assists patients and their families to eat healthily

The book was created in response to the survey feedback of 1,400+ people

The ‘4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan’ is a new publication that contains all the recipes required for balanced meals for four weeks for bariatric patients as well as their families, has recently been published by the Australian Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and Nutritionist, Amanda Clark.

Amanda Clark

“I enlisted the help of 4 other skilled bariatric dietitians to produce this innovative book, which clearly shows the right portion size and contains recipes with serving sizes to suit bariatric surgery patients,” said Clark. “A key part of what makes the plan so unique, effective and appealing to dieters with a range of needs is that it was built on feedback from over 1,400 dieters. We got tremendously valuable input and much of it was completely unexpected. Dieters requested accurate portion pictures for each serving size, a format that didn’t take up too much bench space, basic tasty recipes with multi use ingredients, some single serve recipes and larger font for bad eyes.”

When asked about menu planning, approximately 1/3rd of survey respondents stated that they do plan menus each week; another 1/3rd explained that they don’t plan menus because they are too uninspired.  About 1/6th said that they believed menu planning was too difficult or something they don’t enjoy.  Once this information was processed, crunched and evaluated, the 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan was created.

Each week’s plan is divided into three different versions: 1300 calories for women, 1600 calories for men, and 900 calories for those who have undergone bariatric surgery.  The book can be used with Clark’s ‘Portion Perfection Kit’ for unlimited flexibility. 

“We carefully listened to what dieters wanted and gave them exactly that - a book geared towards making losing weight easier,” she added.

About the author

Amanda Clark is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and author and creator of ‘Portion Perfection’, a visual eating plan. Her latest book, the 4 Week Weight Loss Menu Plan, was created in conjunction with four other professional dietitians with over 100 years of experience. Learn more at   

The book is available in hard copy in Australia from  and will be available in the USA from November 2014. It will also be available as a Kindle E-book via Amazon worldwide from November 2014.

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