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Allurion launches Coach Iris generative AI-powered weight loss coach

Allurion Technologies has launched Coach Iris, a new generative AI-powered health coach designed to enhance outcomes within the Allurion Program and maximise clinic efficiency. Built in close collaboration with leading global weight-management professionals and Allurion’s behavioral scientists, Coach Iris is intended to instantly expand the care team by providing always-on support, education, and motivation.

Allurion is committed to offering new digital tools and services to enhance weight loss results and satisfaction. Delivered via the Allurion App, the company believes that Coach Iris can serve as a powerful complement to care providers, empowering patients with 24/7 access to personalised support and guidance. Upon launching the Allurion App, patients are free to initiate a conversation with Coach Iris on a broad range of health and weight-loss topics. For example, patients can ask for tailored meal plans, recipes, exercise routines, stress management techniques, and motivational insights.

Allurion prioritises accuracy and safety for a diverse set of consumers. “By designing Coach Iris to solve the specific needs of consumers seeking weight loss, we anticipate increasing the accuracy of Coach Iris by reducing the risks of potentially inaccurate edge cases, and also ensuring that appropriate safety and review mechanisms are in place,” said Jeff Feldgoise, Allurion’s Senior Vice President of Digital.

In addition to responding to patient requests, Coach Iris is designed to proactively reach out to ensure patients remain actively engaged in their weight loss program, leading to longer-lasting commitment and more successful outcomes. Allurion believes Coach Iris will become a trusted companion, available for patients whenever they need assistance, motivation, or simply an empathetic ear, so they never feel alone on their weight loss journey.

“Our digital tools are underpinned by our unique and proprietary dataset collected across 80 countries. We are fully committed to giving our clinics the best AI weight-management tools to strengthen their care delivery and propel the Allurion Program to new levels of effectiveness,” said Dr Shantanu Gaur, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Allurion. "Coach Iris is an example of us bringing this vision to life, improving the consumer experience, while simultaneously aiming to make our healthcare professionals more productive and capable of delivering exceptional care to a much larger number of patients.”

Coach Iris will be available at no additional charge by October 2023 for clinics that subscribe to the Allurion Virtual Care Suite VCS+ or VCS Custom plans.


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