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Allurion Technologies launches Virtual Care Suite digital health offering

Allurion Technologies has launched its new digital health offering featuring the Allurion Health Tracker smartwatch, Allurion Connected Scale, Allurion mobile app, and the Allurion Clinic Dashboard, the first in a series of new provider services that make up the Allurion Virtual Care Suite (part of the Allurion Weight Loss Program).

“The Allurion Virtual Care Suite is designed to work hand-in-hand with the Elipse Balloon and our nutritional and behaviour change programme to deliver life-changing results to consumers and real-time data and insights to our providers,” said Dr Shantanu Gaur, Allurion’s co-founder and Chief Executive Officer. “Our digital health offering creates an ecosystem for consumers and providers that will not only improve short-term outcomes but also facilitate weight management over a lifetime.”

The Allurion Connected Scale and Health Tracker measure all aspects of body composition including weight, body fat, muscle mass, as well as activity data such as steps, exercise, and sleep. These measurements effortlessly sync with the Allurion mobile app, which charts and analyses the data, provides real-time insights to the user, and enables sharing with their provider and care team.

The Allurion Clinic Dashboard helps providers understand their aggregate patient results and access real-time insights to tailor care, ultimately leading to improved outcomes. The Allurion Clinic Dashboard is a turnkey solution that enables providers to track a variety of clinic-level metrics such as weight loss and patient engagement over time, benchmarking their performance with other clinics across the globe.

Additional capabilities of the Allurion Virtual Care Suite will be released throughout 2021, making it simple for providers to monitor, communicate and deliver care via a suite of tools which include telehealth and AI-powered weight-loss guidance. This suite, available to all providers who offer the Allurion Program, enables seamless ongoing support and leads to markedly improved patient satisfaction.

“Allurion is committed to provide patients a best-in-class experience, and their safety is our top priority,” said Dr Ram Chuttani, Allurion’s Chief Medical Officer “We are delighted to launch the Allurion Assurance Plus Warranty to give our patients added comfort and confidence as they proceed through their weight loss journey.”

As a further demonstration of Allurion’s commitment to consumer satisfaction and best-in-class results, the company has also announced the launch of the Allurion Assurance Plus Warranty programme. Allurion patients around the world will now automatically be enrolled in the new Allurion Warranty programme at no charge. The Allurion Assurance Plus Warranty programme provides patients piece of mind that qualifying rare events related to the Elipse Balloon will be eligible for coverage and out-of-pocket financial assistance.


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