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Elizabeth Parks named new President of The Obesity Society

Dr Elizabeth Parks, known for her discoveries on how obesity alters the metabolism of food, has been elected as the new president of The Obesity Society (TOS). Under Parks’ leadership, the overall 2023 theme for the Society will be Connections. Parks explained that this theme means many things, including launch of the new, online, monthly Grand Rounds series featuring obesity experts discussing cutting-edge topics; revving up the member portal to link members online; advancing the organization’s new diversity, inclusion and equity initiatives; and building upon recent connections with other professional societies with interests in obesity.

Elizabeth Parks (Credit: The Obesity Society)

“This is a very exciting time for TOS, as the landscape of obesity treatment is expanding quickly, and the public is gaining a better understanding of the challenges of this disease and the benefits of its treatment,” said Parks, professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, within the Medical School at the University of Missouri, Columbia. Parks also serves as associate director of the Clinical Translational Science Unit associated with the NextGen Precision Health Initiative. “We are clinicians, scientists, students, advocates and educators with a common purpose - to aid patients and families affected by obesity as they seek to improve health.”

“The theme of connections will feel very real as we convene for our in-person meeting in Dallas, Texas, October 14-17, 2023. Connections between our disciplines will be evident in cross-track symposia, mentoring activities and programme highlights designed to discuss and advance the newest science in this field.”

Before being elected as president, Parks served as vice president of TOS and on many committees supporting the organisation.


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