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First commercial use of Levita Magnetics’ MARS Surgical System

Levita Magnetics has announced the world's first commercial use of its MARS platform. The first commercial use, which took place in September, comes just over a month after the Levita MARS system received clearance from the FDA.

Professor Matthew Kroh and Dr Andrew Strong at the Cleveland Clinic performed the first procedures with the new system, cementing a milestone in the advancement of minimally invasive surgery.

Matthew Kroh

"The Levita MARS system featuring Magnetic Surgery has the potential to play a pivotal role in reshaping the landscape of abdominal procedures," said Professor Matthew Kroh, Vice Chair of Innovation and Technology at the Cleveland Clinic. "MARS represents a noteworthy advancement and is part of the pathway to enhance minimally invasive surgery for healthcare institutions, surgeons, and most importantly, for patients. It's also remarkably easy to use."

MARS builds on the clinical benefits of the Levita Magnetic Surgical System - faster recovery, less pain and fewer scars - with surgeon-controlled arms that provide the physician full control over the laparoscopic view and the magnetic retractor, reducing the need for an additional assistant. The console-free system with a compact footprint benefits hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers through increased efficiency, more effective deployment of personnel, and the ability to offer a differentiated patient experience.

MARS, a game-changing surgical platform that leverages Levita's proprietary Dynamic Magnetic Positioning technology, gained FDA clearance for use in high-volume abdominal surgeries, including laparoscopic bariatric surgeries, cholecystectomy, prostate and colorectal procedures.

"We're thrilled to have initiated successful commercial procedures utilizing the MARS system so soon after receiving FDA clearance. We are at the leading edge of a significant shift in the approach to high-volume minimally-invasive abdominal surgery in the United States and in the world," said Dr. Alberto Rodriguez-Navarro, surgeon, founder, and CEO of Levita Magnetics. "We aim to show that this revolutionary technology can empower surgeons with increased control and better visualisation while reducing the number of incisions, delivering significant patient benefits. The MARS system can play a major role in the transition of high volume abdominal procedures to an ambulatory or same day discharge setting."


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