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FitForMe joins forces with Baricol Bariatric

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

FitForMe, the global brand for bariatric supplements, has joined forces with Scandinavian-based, Baricol Bariatrics AB (Baricol), to support more bariatric patients post-surgery and prevent long-term medical complications.

Research shows that >75% of all patients develop one or more deficiencies in the first years after a sleeve gastrectomy1. FitForMe has been active in more than 29 countries conducting medical research and developing personalised supplements to decrease such deficiencies after bariatric surgery. Joining forces with Baricol allows FitForMe to support new regions and deliver new solutions to improve medical results.

“Baricol, based in the Scandinavian region, has developed the digital patient application BariBuddy. This is a solution for the long-term challenge of adherence to daily supplementation and maintaining healthy routines post-surgery,” said Simon Hamer, CEO FitForMe. “We want to make such innovations available on a global scale”.

“FitForMe is a leading example in bariatric supplements and has always been an inspiration and a source of knowledge for Baricolm” said Haris Fazlic, CEO Baricol. “We are looking forward to jointly meeting the challenge of supplementation with our shared base in science and patient products”.

At this moment, the acquisition will not have a direct impact on the products and services from FitForMe and Baricol Bariatrics. All products and services can be advised and applied in practice as known. In the event of any changes, FitForMe will inform their customers and network of healthcare professionals promptly.

For more information please contact your local FitForMe representative or visit:

For more information regarding this press release and the acquisition, please contact


  1. Heusschen, L., Schijns, W., Ploeger, N. et al. The True Story on Deficiencies After Sleeve Gastrectomy: Results of a Double-Blind RCT. OBES SURG 30, 1280–1290 (2020).


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