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Innova and Rotec introduce Interlude 500 bed to UK market

Innova Care Concepts and Rotec International have announced a partnership that will bring to the UK hospital and care sectors the only bariatric bed on the market with a load capacity of 500kg and up to 21cm (8 inches) from the ground, reducing the risk of falls while making it easier for special needs patients to enter and exit the bed, improving their autonomy.

The Interlude 500 bed is equipped with an integrated scale and a bed exit detection system, adapting to individual patient needs as well as matching the weight capabilities of overhead hoist systems to aid with moving and handling. It has easily expandable options to accommodate different mattresses, emergency battery backup, quick connect components to ensure optimum efficiency on busy wards, remote control with built in nurse call, and an antimicrobial easy to clean powder coated steel structure.

“When caring for patients of size in an acute care setting, one of the greatest challenges is to ensure that the patient is treated like any other patient - with the dignity and respect they deserve, giving patients a greater sense of self-sufficiency,” said Richard Harris, Sales Director at Rotec International. “The Interlude 500 offers caregivers the ability to maintain dignity for patients of size, by providing a care setting with a bed designed to resemble a standard hospital bed. Variable range of widths and lengths to provide flexibility to accommodate an extensive range of patients sizes.”

“The Interlude 500 is an advancement in bariatric care, with its industry-leading features like extra low patient positioning, which can significantly reduce the risk of injuries in case of falling out of the bed and compatibility with a 500kg overhead hoist lift,” added Joe Hulbert, Sales Director at Innova Care Concepts.


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