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Intuitive India launches SureForm robotic-assisted surgical stapler

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Intuitive India, the India arm of Intuitive Surgical, has launched the SureForm robotic-assisted surgical (RAS) stapler that comes equipped with SmartFire technology-an integrated software. With 1,000+ measurements per second, SmartFire makes automatic adjustments to the firing process as staplers are being formed and as the transection is being made to help optimise a consistent staple line and prevent tissue damage across a range of tissue thicknesses.

According to the company, a surgeon can fire the stapler from the console while performing the RAS procedure, while retaining complete control and autonomy over the surgery. Combining da Vinci’s tremor filtration with SureForm 60’s tip stability and 120◦ of articulation in all directions provides surgeons with precise stapler manipulation and placement. A 120◦ cone of articulation gives the surgeon the freedom to approach tissue where it naturally lies, potentially reducing the need to pull it towards the stapler.

"Our latest technology, SureForm, is another step towards simplifying the surgical process. To aid faster adoption in India, Intuitive is supporting surgeons by facilitating product experience, training, and assistance during surgery,” commented Mandeep Singh Kumar, VP and General Manager, Intuitive India. “We've been continuously receiving positive feedback from the first few surgeons who have used SureForm."

SureForm portfolio can be used by all robotic surgeons who access Intuitive's latest 4th Generation systems – da Vinci X & Xi. However, given the criticality of stapling in determining surgical outcomes in surgical procedures like colorectal surgeons, gastrointestinal surgeons, surgical oncologists, bariatric surgeons and Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary, surgeons would find it most beneficial with the potential to resect, transect and/or create an anastomosis.


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