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ReShape strengthens patent portfolio related to its Obalon Balloon System

ReShape Lifesciences has strengthened the patent portfolio related to its Obalon Balloon System, after to US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted one patent and provided the company with a Notice of Allowance for two additional patents, providing foundational protection of the system.

In summary, the USPTO’s decision:

  • Granted US Patent No. 11,737,899, entitled “Intragastric Device,” covers claims for an intragastric balloon system with a needle assembly comprising a catheter needle sleeve and needle for inflation of the balloon system, among other claims.

  • Notice of Allowance for patent application 16/993,110, entitled, “Pressure Control System For Intragastric Device.” If issued, the patent would include claims directed to systems and methods for inflating an intragastric device. The allowed application is a continuation of issued US Patent No. 10,772,752. This patent family has an estimated patent term to at least October 2037.

  • Notice of Allowance for patent application 17/581,792, entitled, “Intragastric Device.” When issued, the patent will cover claims for an intragastric balloon system, comprising a capsule configured to be swallowable by a patient and to degrade in a gastric environment, with a balloon compacted and contained within the capsule, the balloon including an outer and inner surface, an interior cavity, a fill valve and release valve wherein the fill valve and release valves are separate valves, among other claims.

“Granting of the one patent and receipt of two additional patent allowances for the Obalon Intragastric Balloon System, which, together provide foundational protection, is a critical achievement and further enhances the strength of the intellectual property around our product portfolio,” explained Paul F. Hickey, President and Chief Executive Officer of ReShape Lifesciences. “Since filing our first application for this product in 2011, we have accumulated over 50 patents around the intragastric balloon system. Additionally, ReShape has amassed a family of more than 160 patents and a number of patents pending for a variety of novel, and protected inventions.”


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