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Standard Bariatrics gains US$35 million funding to commercialise Titan SGS

The company has developed the Titan SGS, a first-of-its-kind design that offers surgeons performing sleeve gastrectomy, the most performed bariatric surgical procedure for obesity, the industry's longest continuous staple cutline of 23cms.

Standard Bariatrics is responding to the growing global obesity epidemic through the development of device solutions designed to enable surgeons to deliver more consistent and repeatable surgical outcomes. In April of 2021, the company's Titan SGS stapler received clearance from the FDA allowing the device to be used in bariatric surgery requiring the creation of sleeve pouch anatomy (sleeve gastrectomy). The submission was supported by the completion of a successful 62-patient study. The University of Buffalo Department of Surgery in the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences (UBMD) was the first to use Titan SGS.

According to the company, Titan SGS provides real-time audio and visual feedback, graduated staple height formation, tissue-sensing technology and a firing cycle optimized particularly for the patient’s gastric tissue during gastrectomy pouch creation. While every patient’s anatomy is different, the Titan SGS long staple line enables surgeons to plan and place staples in one firing, minimizing variations often associated with the current use of multiple overlapping short-cartridge staple firings, the company claims.

The design ensures more consistent staple formation across the entire 23cm cutline for improved staple-line strength and fewer malformed staples than competitive staplers that offer short cartridges for more general surgical use. The Titan SGS design may result in a more secure staple line and fewer chances of leaks, as evidenced with higher burst pressures. Because Titan SGS takes approximately half the time to create the staple line, it can also potentially improve procedure time and operational efficiencies.

"US Venture Partners is excited to join the team at Standard Bariatrics as they seek to transform the way bariatric surgery is delivered and improve patient outcomes," said Casey Tansey, general partner at US Venture Partners.


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