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Standardisation of OAGB is key to reducing surgical errors and ensuring consistent patient outcomes

The 7th Annual Consensus Conference on MGB/OAGB (Mini Gastric Bypass/One Anastomosis Gastric Bypass) in Goa, India, concluded by underscoring the conference’s primary objective - to establish consensus on surgical techniques, fostering global adherence to standardised procedures. The conference, organised under the chairmanship of Dr Arun Prasad, Consultant Surgeon at Apollo Indraprastha Hospital, New Delhi, attracted 250 surgeons from 25 countries.

Arun Prasad

“Standardisation is key to reducing surgical errors and ensuring consistent patient outcomes worldwide,” stressed Dr Prasad, emphasising the importance of uniformity in approach across diverse surgical settings.

Dr Robert Rutledge, Honorary President of the MGB-OAGB Club, echoed Dr Prasad’s sentiments, drawing on his pioneering experience in MGB surgery since 1997. Rutledge emphasised the transformative potential of standardised techniques, asserting that adherence to proper methods can consistently yield favourable outcomes. He highlighted the conference’s role in advancing certification courses for MGB/OAGB procedures, particularly in the context of diabetes treatment.

“The conference showcased groundbreaking advancements in bariatric surgery, notably through its inaugural Cadaver Surgery Workshops,” said Dr Abhishek Tiwari, Consultant Surgeon at Apollo Indraprastha Hospital and Organizing Secretary of the MGB/OAGB Conference. “Attendees engaged in hands-on sessions, leveraging robotic technology to refine their skills in MGB and OAGB procedures. These workshops exemplified the commitment to innovation in surgical techniques, underscoring the precision and safety afforded by robotic-assisted approaches.”

Kuldeepak Kular

“The Consensus Conference on MGB/OAGB Surgery serves as a crucial platform for fostering collaboration and standardization in the field. By uniting global experts, we can ensure consistent and optimal outcomes for patients worldwide, said Dr Kuldeepak Kular, Founding President and Organizing Co-Chairman of the MGB-OAGB Club. “The success of the workshop has inspired us to collaborate with international counterparts in establishing similar initiatives.” He expressed gratitude for the overwhelming response to the cadaver workshops, highlighting plans to disseminate knowledge globally and signalling India’s leadership in advancing surgical education worldwide.”

Dr Prasad revealed that the leadership would now be in the capable hands of Dr Enrique Luque de Leon from Mexico.

 “I am honoured to take on the responsibility of chairing this esteemed conference. I look forward to continuing the mission of standardizing MGB/OAGB surgery techniques globally and advancing patient care,” said Enrique.


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