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SurgiBot system

TransEnterix completes SurgiBot pre-clinical FDA work

Company expects SurgiBot FDA submission mid-2015

TransEnterix has announced the successful completion of four general surgery and urology procedures using its SurgiBot system patient-side robotic surgery system. Using the SurgiBot system in the porcine model, Dr Juan-Carlos Verdeja, a general surgeon and Chief of General Surgery at Baptist Health Medical Group in Miami, performed two cholecystectomy procedures, and Dr Michael N. Ferrandino, a urologist and Director of Minimally Invasive Urologic Surgery at the Duke Division of Urology, performed two nephrectomy (kidney removal) procedures.

The SurgiBot is a minimally invasive, patient-side robotic surgery system. The system is designed to utilise a small incision and provides multiple channels to the surgeon capable of accommodating both rigid and flexible articulating instruments which offer dexterity in complex surgical tasks. The instruments are designed to give the surgeon needed strength and precision in an ergonomically comfortable manner while maintaining tactile feel. SurgiBot also integrates high-definition, three-dimensional visualisation to restore the depth perception that’s lost in traditional laparoscopic procedures.

"The SurgiBot system has the ability to offer multiple instruments and a camera through a single small incision. It is designed to limit surgical trauma while enabling the surgeon with advanced vision, dexterity and control," said Verdeja. "I was impressed with the system's capabilities, providing ergonomic benefits as well as excellent visualization in 3DHD. Being able to perform the procedure from within the sterile field, and with tactile feedback, increases the control a surgeon has when performing surgery."

The company has previously announced that the  SurgiBot system was utitlised to successfully complete a sleeve gastrectomy and cholecystectomy during pre-clinical testing.

"I can envision the SurgiBot being utilised in a wide variety of surgical procedures,” added Ferrandino. “This system provides an elegant and effective combination of the best of single-port, laparoscopic and robotic approaches in surgery."

The system’s size and mobility are designed for easy repositioning during multi-quadrant surgery. As a patient-side robotic system, the surgeon maintains direct access to the sterile field throughout the procedure. By integrating the benefits of advanced technology and visualisation in a patient-side surgical system, TransEnterix believes the SurgiBot will advance minimally invasive surgery for patients, surgeons and hospitals.

"These pre-clinical procedures support our expectation for commercial success with the SurgiBot," said Todd M Pope, president and CEO of TransEnterix. "We are pleased with our progress and our FDA 510(k) filing remains on track for a mid-2015 submission."

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