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Bariatric Solutions International becomes the exclusive distributor of the Endoscopic Hernia Multifeed Stapler

Bariatric Solutions International (BSI) has signed an agreement with Waston Medical to become the exclusive distributor of the Endoscopic Hernia Multifeed Stapler (EHMS). The EHMS is designed to facilitate the closure of mesenteric defects (Petersen’s space and the jejunal mesenteric defect) after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in order to prevent internal hernias.

Endoscopic Hernia Multifeed Stapler (EHMS)

According to the literature, small bowel obstruction due to internal hernia is to be one of the most common and potentially serious complications after laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass. However, complete closure of mesenteric defects in laparoscopic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass results in a significant reduction in internal mesenteric hernias (non-closure 11.7% vs. closure 2.5%). The reported risk of complications caused by closure of the mesenteric defects is low, and primary closure of mesenteric defects can be performed safely and should be viewed as a routine part of that operation.

Internal hernias

When closing mesenteric defect, there are two important aspects for surgeons to consider - time consumption and ease of use. Closing mesenteric defects with the EHMS device is both technically unchallenging and adds only four minutes to the total operating time and can be applied in all patients without affecting complication rates.

On average, closure of both mesenteric defects with a double-layer will require 14-16 staples of the EHMS. However, the EHMS is preloaded with 20 titanium staples enabling the surgeon to close both defects, simplifying the procedure without any instrument exchange and/or disruption of the surgical flow.

“We are very excited to be the exclusive distributor of the Endoscopic Hernia Multifeed Stapler device that provides surgeons with the ability to effectively close mesenteric defects without adding significant operating time to the procedure,” explained Arno van der Veek, Managing Director of BSI. “We believe the addition of this stapler to our growing portfolio of products reflects the needs of our customers and we look forward to showcasing the stapler in the coming months.”

This latest addition the BSI’s growing portfolio of products comes just a few months after the company acquired A.M.I.’s bariatric portfolio, which includes the A.M.I. Soft Gastric Band System. These new products have expanded BSI’s already comprehensive range of bariatric medical devices and will allow the company to expand into new markets and increase its offerings to potential customers.

In addition to the A.M.I. Soft Gastric Band System and the EHMS devices, BSI’s current product portfolio includes:

  • The MiniMizer Gastric Ring - specially designed to prevent dilatation of the gastric pouch/sleeve after RYGB, LSG and MGB-OAGB and is very easy to place and close, aided by a blunt, silicone covered introduction needle that simplifies peri gastric placement. The Ring can be tailored to suit several closing positions from the largest to the smallest ring size: from 8.0 cm length (approx. 26 mm internal diameter), to 7.5 cm length (approx. 24 mm internal diameter, 7.0 cm length (approx. 22 mm internal diameter) and 6.5 cm length (approx. 20 mm internal diameter).

  • The TUBE - a Gastric Calibration Tube that is made of medical grade silicone and has six small holes for suction and aspiration avoiding kinking of the tube because of holes being too large. The TUBE has a soft tip to prevent damage to the oesophagus, which is died blue for clear visualization of the tube in case of circular stapling. Cm-Marking allows for clear positioning of the tube. There is an innovative clip at the end of the tube which allows the anaesthetist to close the tube with the same hand with which he/she holds the end of the tube after he/she has injected the first syringe of methylene blue. Available in 32, 34, 36, 38, 40Fr, and colour coded.

  • The Minimizer Extra Gastric Band - its two-sizes in-one concept offers the possibility to choose the correct size during the procedure by closing the band in either position 1 (diameter 31 mm) or position 2 (diameter 26 mm). Being able to choose the correct size from the beginning one avoids early refilling of the band or avoid refilling at all. The band has retaining loops allowing for direct fixation to the stomach, securing the gastric band against slipping.  

  • The P Galore Band Introducer - with one additional curving section, this makes the bending tip 5mm longer. The tip can be bent in an angle of 100º by twisting the knob at the handpiece. In this way it can also be used as a unilateral dissector.

  • The Pinky Trigger - a dynamic device, which allows for back and forth movement of the tip by pulling the lower handle at the hand piece. The patented technology used in the Pinky Trigger, makes it a direct extension of the surgeon’s finger and therewith a gentle, yet firm blunt dissector. Benefits of the Pinky Trigger include a single-hand operation, active dissection, fixation possible at any level of the 130° curvature, tactile feedback at any level of the 130° curvature and validated cleaning and sterilisation process.

  • The Cobra Liver Retractor - is both atraumatic, yet firm, comes as a 5 mm instrument and creates a surface of retraction of 8 or 12 cm wide.

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