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Dynatronics launches Bariatric Electric Stand-In Table with Patient Lift

Dynatronics has introduced a new bariatric stand-in table with motorised patient lift and a laminated H-brace treatment table. The Bariatric Electric Stand-In Table with Patient Lift (Hausmann Model 6177) is a motorised variable-height stand-in table with the ability to lift a 500lb patient from a sitting position to a standing position (this model replaces a previously discontinued model).

The Premium H-Brace Treatment Table (Hausmann HTT table) features rounded corner upholstery and a backrest design and the laminate and vinyl design of the Hausmann HTT table withstands heavy cleaning and disinfecting, the company claims.

"These new products are a great complement to our high-quality suite of specialized rehabilitative offerings and help physical therapists treat patients more quickly and with greater efficiency," said John Krier, CEO of Dynatronics. "Hausmann Model 6177 includes features needed in the marketplace with its motorized capabilities and the Hausmann HTT table offers new benefits over our previous offerings. Over time, we expect these new products to deliver incremental sales at higher margins to our current business. We believe that these new products will enhance our brands' value in the marketplace."

The Hausmann Model 6177 and Hausmann HTT tables are available through Hausmann Industries', a subsidiary of Dynatronics, dealer network as well as through Dynatronics' sales channels.


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