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Enrolment begins in ReShapeCare - a reimbursable, evidence-based virtual weight management programme

ReShape Lifesciences has announced that the first 25 healthcare providers have partnered with ReShapeCare since the programme's launch in June of this year, allowing referrals of their patients to the reimbursable, virtual weight-management programme. Patients within the programme include individuals currently receiving treatment, those who may have lost continuity of care, patients pursuing bariatric surgery and those involved in a medically supervised weight-loss programme.

ReShapeCare is now available for bariatric surgeons and physicians to improve treatment and health outcomes for obesity and associated chronic disease through an evidence-based, customised service that increases access and coordination of care from certified clinical health coaches.

Bart Bandy

"The rapid enrolment in ReShapeCare is an indicator that physicians have been looking for a better way to deliver tailored, high-touch support to their patients," said Bart Bandy, CEO and President, ReShape Lifesciences. "COVID-19 has only amplified the need for a virtual solution that promotes safety and engagement to help patients get optimal results through a program that can scale a critical service in ways not previously possible."

According to the company, there is a strong body of clinical research that demonstrates virtual health coaching improves patient outcomes and leads to more adherent patients and more successful weight-loss outcomes. According to recent research, medically managed patients that participated in video-based coaching lost more weight (7.7% of total body weight loss [TBWL]) compared to those that participated via standard in-office visits (3.4% of TBWL lost) over a 12-week period1.

"I am thrilled to be one of the first physicians in the US to offer this new clinically-proven programme to my patients who are considering or have had weight-loss surgery," said Dr Carl Pesta, Medical Director of McLaren Macomb Bariatric Surgery Institute in Michigan. "While we know this virtual model can increase patient adherence leading to positive health outcomes, it addresses one of the biggest barriers patients had to contend with - lack of reimbursement. This is a game changer for my practice and, more importantly, for my patients."

ReShapeCare allows providers to get closer to patients, virtually, for customised plans based on a patient's needs and physician's plan of care. Programme components include live-video visits, online and mobile patient-education materials, the use of health-tracking devices and a patient-centric approach based on the program's ‘Seven Pillars of Wellness’ approach.

For those providers interested in learning more, please email


  1. Johnson KE, Alencar MK, Coakley KE, et al. Telemedicine-based health coaching is effective for inducing weight loss and improving metabolic markers. Telemed J E Health. 2019;25(2):85-92.


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