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ReShape launches ‘Marketplace’ to support patients’ nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress

ReShape has launched ReShape Marketplace as an extension of reshape care, the company's reimbursed telehealth service for weight loss across any physician prescribed therapy. ReShape Marketplace provides consumers with a collection of creative, competitively priced, yet practical wellness products in the areas of nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress.

"We are proud to launch this marketplace and provide even more tools to support people on their weight-loss journey as well as those seeking health and wellness transformations," explained Bart Bandy, President and Chief Executive Officer at ReShape Lifesciences. "We are very excited to add this e-commerce offering to our family of premier surgical products and virtual healthcare services and provide additional support for people in achieving their nutrition activity and exercise goals."

ReShape Marketplace offers thoughtfully curated products that make it easier to make small changes that lead to big benefits. Examples include portion control guides, weighted-gravity blankets, foam rollers, essential oils and time-marked water bottles, to name a few. All products are available for purchase on the ReShape Marketplace website.

“Our company continues to demonstrate commitment to advancing the physician-led weight-loss market and establishing ReShape Lifesciences as the predominant access source for best-in-class weight-loss pathways, products, and services that support individual attainment of health and wellness goals,” he added.


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