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Panther Healthcare launches Powered Surgical Stapler

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Panther Healthcare has launched the Smart Powered Stapler platform that offers intelligent and automatic control over tissue compression, transection and resection for gastrointestinal (including bariatric), thoracic, colorectal, oncology, gynaecologic and other open and laparoscopic surgical procedures. The device has been released in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

“Previously the only devices available on the market were staplers offered by Medtronic and Johnson & Johnson. Since 2017, we have been using Chinese surgical staplers in our team. Our activity before the COVID crisis was 300 bariatric surgery procedures per year. We can therefore compare the different devices on the market,” explained Drs P Blanc, C Breton and T Solé from the Mutualiste Obesity Center from Saint Etienne, France. “The Panther staplers are easy to use. The quality of the stapling is perfect. The different reloads lengths and the different staple heights make it possible to adapt to all circumstances and possible intraoperative difficulties. The fact that nurses use these staplers during robotic surgery is proof of their comfort. We prefer to use the Panther stapler system.”

What benefits does the Panther smart powered stapler bring for surgeons and patients?

Smart Firing Control

Panther Healthcare’s Smart Powered Stapler comes with one touch firing and opening system to minimize the force to fire to ensure improved stability, which can improve suture performance and reduce the risk of injury caused by mis-operation; ease to learn and operate. This is in contrast to other powered staplers that require a longer learning curve, the company claims.

Real Time Tissue Thickness Detection

Another main distinguishing feature of the Smart Powered Stapler is intelligent tissue thickness identification. The technology allows the stapler to automatically adjust the speed of firing and clamp force according to different tissue thickness and conditions. When the stapler interacts with target tissues, the indicators can also light up with different colours to indicate various states, it provides surgeons with intuitive feedback for better understanding how the stapler interacts with target tissues to improve patient outcomes.

Smart Reload Identification

Panther’s Smart Powered Stapler has a universal handle that is ready to use with the most extended portfolio of reloads to accommodate different tissue thicknesses for appropriate tissue management, and a chip is incorporated in every new reload which can communicate with the stapler for the most precise firing.

Optimal Clinical Outcomes

The Smart Powered Stapler is compatible with Panther reloads guaranteeing better stapling delivery, better hemostasis and safety. Panther reloads jaws are equipped with anti-skid structures, securing tissue in the jaws and preventing tissue from sliding during the anastomosis. Progressive clamping technology utilizes an anvil and cartridge with non-traumatic sides for better clamping and less squeezing of tissue. The enhanced anvil allows for better compression and manipulation of tissue. According to Panther, the result of that design provides superior staple performance.

“We were able to test the latest development – Panther’s Smart Powered Stapler. Once again, a pleasant surprise with a powered stapler that is easy to use, light and very intuitive. The good compression of the tissues and the regular progression of the blade, without any jerks, allows for good stapling. The reloads, which are always of very good quality, are scanned by the stapler. Given the quality of the products, we will continue to use and evaluate these staplers,” added Drs P Blanc, C Breton and T Solé.

“The Panther Smart Endo launch has been a milestone in Panther’s continuous innovation journey to deliver better patient outcomes and reduce complications during surgical procedures, Panther Smart Endo has an intuitive usage with innovative systems such as Smart Reload Identification, Smart Tissue Recognition & Smart Firing Control which allows surgeons to achieve a better staple line and improved safety,” commented Robert Vinardell, Panther Healthcare Vice President of International Business.

About Panther Healthcare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

Panther Healthcare, founded in 2002, is dedicated to providing a professional and systematic surgical solutions platform for patients’ needs, standing at the forefront of the domestic industry as well as on the international market. With over 200 intellectual property rights, the company’s products have penetrated 2,000+ hospitals in more than 60 different countries, and its sales volume is number one ranking among domestic stapling manufacturers in 2020.


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