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Not only does bariatric surgery help people lose weight may work by reducing the amount they eat, it can also change what they want to eat improving glycaemic control after surgery, according to research in Diabetes Care, the journal of the American... (more)

23/08/16 - News

Ethicon has launched the Stratafix Spiral PDS Plus and Stratafix Spiral Monocryl Plus Knotless Tissue Control Devices to its range of Stratafix Knotless Tissue Control Devices, the most comprehensive and unmatched knotless suture offering available to surgeons in the US,... (more)
22/08/16 - News

The term "healthy obesity" has gained traction over the past 15 years, but scientists have recently questioned its very existence. A study published in the journal Cell Reports provides further evidence against the notion of a healthy obese state, revealing that white fat... (more)
19/08/16 - News

Standard Bariatrics has received FDA approval for its Standard Clamp to help surgeons standardise their individual techniques to reduce variation, improve efficiency and eliminate waste when performing a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. “We are passionate about bariatric... (more)

Pre-operative factors


A study of patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery found that those who used insulin prior to surgery, had a history of smoking, or took 12...

17/08/16 - News

The 24 month results from the ReCharge Clinical Study, a five-year study that is comparing the vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy (EnteroMedics) to an implanted Sham device, has found that intermittent vagal blockade with vBloc therapy produces medically meaningful weight loss at two... (more)
16/08/16 - News

Teleflex has launched its second-generation Percuvance Percutaneous Surgical System and that the first clinical laparoscopic procedures in the US using the system were performed at the Duke Center for Metabolic and Weight Loss Surgery. According to the company, this latest... (more)
15/08/16 - Opinion/blog

Just in case you missed any news in July 2016, these were the 10 most read articles on including the latest research, product & industry news, policy news and more... Ethicon receives 510(k) clearance for Harmonic HD 1000i Shears

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12/08/16 - Research
Revita DMR outcomes
Fractyl Laboratories has announced the publication of data in the Diabetes Care journal from its first-in-human study of Revita duodenal mucosal resurfacing (Revita DMR) technology. The company claims procedure has the potential to delay the need for insulin therapy and free patients from the... (more)
11/08/16 - Industry
Bariatric surgery market
The North American market is expected to grow from US$848.5 million to nearly US$1.2 billion in 2020, while the Asian market for bariatric surgery will also grow from US$170.6 million in 2015 to US$515.9 million, according to a report ‘Bariatric Surgery: Global Markets for Services and Devices’,... (more)
10/08/16 - Policy
The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) of 2015 continues to gain momentum with 101 members of the House of Representatives and ten members of the Senate co-sponsoring this important legislation. The Act aims to provide Medicare beneficiaries with additional treatment tools to help individuals... (more)
09/08/16 - Industry
Synecor outcomes
WL Gore & Associates (Gore) has launched a clinical quality improvement (CQI) project for its hernia repair device, Gore Synecor Biomaterial. The device being studied combines two demonstrated technologies to create a cost effective, single-stage hernia repair with well-vascularised ingrowth... (more)
08/08/16 - Research
Post-op hypoglycaemia
Reconstruction of gastrojejunal continuity may be the safest and most successful procedure for patients who present with post-operative hypoglycaemia following bariatric surgery and do not respond to pharmacological treatment, according to a study published in the journal Obesity Facts. According... (more)
08/08/16 - Research
Gender and body dissatisfaction
Despite growing rates of obesity in the United States, and a culture apparently obsessed with selfies, women appear to be more accepting of their bodies than in the past, at least in regard to weight, according to research – ‘Is Body Dissatisfaction Changing Across Time? A Cross-Temporal Meta-... (more)