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Spotlight on Canada

A joint report released by the Canadian Institute for Health Information and the Public Health Agency of Canada, entitled ‘Obesity in Canada 2011’, examines how obesity rates vary across Canada, who is most at risk and possible actions to address it. Based on body mass index (BMI) calculations, the study reports that more than one in four adults (estimates range from 24.3%-25.4%) in Canada and just less than one in 11 children are considered obese.

Snapshot of OECD

A September 2010 book from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), ‘Obesity and the economics of prevention: Fit not Fat’ examined the current obesity epidemic, presenting new comparative data, trends and projections across member countries and outlining causes and costs.

Patient Focus

We speak with Ken Clare, a 48-year old nurse who eight years ago underwent bariatric surgery, and has since founded the charity, Weight Loss Surgery Information and Support (WLSinfo). In this article, Ken describes his struggle with his weight, why he decided to set up the charity and discusses the highlights of the forthcoming ‘Bariatric surgery - Challenging the evidence’ meeting in Liverpool.