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16/04/18 - Research
Fat cells and tumour growth
Researchers from Sanford Prebys Medical Discovery Institute (SBP) have revealed that inactivation of a protein called p62 in fat cells fuels aggressive, metastatic prostate cancer in mice. The...
17/04/18 - Policy
UK obesity-related admissions
According to the latest report from NHS Digital, 'Statistics on Obesity, Physical Activity and Diet; England, 2018', there were 617,000 admissions to NHS hospitals in 2016/17 where obesity was...
17/04/18 - Research
Children and NAFLD
A study by researchers from the Columbia University has shown that weight gain may have a negative impact on liver health in children as young as eight years old. The study found that bigger waist...
04/04/18 - Industry
Product approval
ReShape Lifesciences has announced approval of the company's ReShape Balloon by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Food and Drug Authority. Congruent with this approval, the company received an...
04/04/18 - Research
Chronic stress and weight gain
A study by Stanford University School of Medicine researchers has provided the first molecular understanding of why people gain weight due to chronic stress, disrupted circadian rhythms and treatment...
20/04/18 - Research
Post-op knee function and pain
Weight loss following bariatric surgery can significantly improve knee function, particularly related to sports, but does not result in improvements in knee pain, according to a study by researchers...
20/04/18 - Research
Robotic vs laparoscopic RYGB
Totally robotic Roux-en-Y gastric bypass offers no real clinical advantage compared to all laparoscopic RYGB (LRYGB) techniques, according to a study by researchers from the US and Poland. The...
20/04/18 - Research
LAGB in private centres
Laparoscopic adjustable gastric band (LAGB) is a safe procedure, which delivers significant and durable weight loss with acceptable complications rates and low re-operation rate, according to a...

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