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Bigger and better studies are essential for the evolution of metabolic surgery against T2DM and CVD

In his first panel in this year’s Brazilian Bariatric Surgery Congress, happening in São Paulo, Dr. Steven Nissen presented the latest results of his team's research on the benefits of metabolic surgery in diabetic patients, especially on the cardiological prognosis for the group that was selected to receive the procedure.

In addition to the already known benefits of metabolic surgery will provide to the patients that are submitted to it - weight loss, reduced HbA1c values, reduced dosage of insulin other non-insulin medications - Dr. Nissen pointed out that the cardiovascular improvements are significant when compared with recipients of non-surgical care. For patients with T2DM and obesity, the metabolic surgical approach - when compared with the nonsurgical management - reduced the risks of 6 component MACE by 40%.

For the future, Dr. Steven Nissen affirmed that the evolution in the treatment of obese and diabetic patients will evolve only by elevating our standards and doing bigger and more complex randomized studies to understand the nuances and particularities of how metabolic surgery plus optimal medical care can make headway for new procedures and techniques.


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