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New and strong hope of treatments for T2DM

Dr Francesco Rubino took the stage in the XXI Brazilian Bariatric Surgery Congress to evaluate the evolution of the use of RYGB as a treatment tool for diabetic and obese patients. In a well-rounded recap of the studies that brought the bariatric community to its actual consensus about the benefit of metabolic surgery as a treatment to type 2 diabetes, Dr. Rubino stated that the surgical path has been used to mitigate the illness effects in early stage patients, but that might change in the next decades, as the new knowledge of its benefits to mitigate the systemic consequences of diabetes - such as cardiac distress - might be on the horizon as the studies evolve.

Dr. Francesco Rubino

Even as much as his faith is in the evolution of metabolic surgery, Dr. Francesco Rubino says that the doctors in this area have to keep an open mind about designing treatment plans that include medication and other resources to benefit the patient.

“There is no single element solution for this issue. We have to look at how oncology or cardiology built their treatments and get the very best of it: the multi-action plan to control the symptoms and issues that the patient might face”.

Rubino says that the pharmacological approach pathed the way for the surgical approach of the disease in the goal of treating diabetes and that an integrated approach might be a fruitful result of it. “This merge of techniques and knowledge is the way of the future”.


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