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‘Obesity, the Big Truth’ initiative is helping European healthcare professionals and patients better understand the science of obesity

The ‘Obesity, the Big Truth’ initiative provides a framework for physicians and surgeons to work alongside patient advocates to host events and to provide information for obesity stakeholders. It is designed to shine a light on the newest science about obesity and to dispel commonly held myths about the disease. An increased scientific understanding of obesity is expected to help reduce stigma and improve equitable access to the right treatment at the right time for all those who need it.

The rollout of the Big Truth in Europe is being accelerated with various initiatives for World Obesity

Day on 4 March 2024, although they will continue throughout the year. They include discussions and open debates with obesity experts at hospitals and clinics, multilingual podcast discussions with obesity societies, GP educational events and obesity training.


An ‘Obesity, the Big Truth’ symposium will also be held at the IFSO-EC in Vienna in May. The European-wide launch follows the initial success of ‘Obesity, the Big Truth’ in the UK last year. It featured a three-part documentary-style series of video discussions between Dr Andrew Jenkinson,

surgeon and author of the best-selling book, "Why We Eat (Too Much): The New Science of Appetite" and Dr George Dimitriadis, obesity specialist endocrinologist, Kings College London.


The original video series and commentary from additional experts can be viewed on the newly

developed ‘Obesity, the Big Truth’ website at


The website includes sections on obesity myths, the science, related diseases, causes, diagnosis, and treatment and highlights the science around the weight set point/set range, metabolic adaptation, leptin resistance, and the role of ultra-processed food. News and information on new science will continue to be added.

For further information, please contact:

‘Obesity, the Big Truth’ is an initiative supported by Medtronic


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